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There is no magic bullet.

Some times we have other Obligations that keep us from training, especially at the beginning of our journey we have to skip a few sessions, this could be devastating as we just want to train. Don’t get me wrong i still have to miss training sessions due to other commitments but i do it with a confidence now that i didn’t have before.  When i first started bjj my mindset about missing training was like this “what if this class Session is the one where they teach the black belt secret to bjj and i miss it???? Yes you may miss a good experience if you miss a session-thats why we train in the first place- but you will not miss the magic bullet that catapults you through your Bjj journey from white belt to Black. This is because their is no such thing .Relax settle down and don’t worry about missing Bjj session due to other commitments Ossss!



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