Gracie Barra HornsbyGracie Barra Hornsby

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone

Hey everyone hope you & your family’s are well & healthy.

Everyone hates to lose, However we must all experience defeat in our lives, what matter is how we handle that defeat not the defeat itself.

If we stay strong & true to ourselves we will stand back up!

We will move forward!

Because as humans on this earth we are hungry to better ourselves if not just for us but for our family’s & loved ones.

When the going gets tough, Stand up & be proud because every lose we learn from, we improve & we become a better person.

“For me” Jiu Jitsu taught me this & this is why i wish to share Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to as many people as i can.

Osssss my friends.



Follow this link to see what the Gracie Barra Organisation has to say about Losses.



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